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CNS has not only developed sub-specialty clinics in the office but is honored to have created the first neuroscience department at FMH. We have partnered with FMH to develop its Certified Stroke Program which has earned the Gold Plus Award, and established the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) which will assist in ascertaining the true nature and type of seizures or spells.

The exemplary neurology service provided to our patients is due to the presence of the following sub-specialty clinics at our office.

General Neurology

The physicians at CNS are board certified neurologist, qualified and competent in diagnosing and treating any acute, chronic, or progressive neurological problems.

Stroke Clinic

he only board-certified stroke specialist in the region, Dr. Shahid Rafiq, leads this clinic and here we treat transient neurological problems, mini strokes ...

Epilepsy Clinic

The only fellowship trained and board-certified epileptologist in the region, Dr. David Strayhorn, leads this clinic at CNS as well as the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at FMH for the diagnosis..

Neuromuscular Clinic

The only neuromuscular specialist in the region, Dr. Natalia Llanes, leads this clinic and we treat numbness, tingling, limb and back pain, muscle weakness, rippling..

Movement disorder and Parkinson’s disease Clinic

Dr. Laura Brosbe leads this clinic, which includes evaluation and management of Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson’s-like syndromes, dystonia..

Sleep Clinic

Two sleep specialists, Dr. Shahid Rafiq and Dr. David Strayhorn, lead this clinic. This clinic treats sleep disorders including difficulty falling and/or staying asleep..

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Care in this sub-specialty includes comprehensive evaluation, management, and complete care of patients with MS from diagnosis through complications..

Memory Clinic

Care in this area includes evaluation and management of the forgetfulness, word finding difficulties, forgetting names and directions, dementia testing, neuro psych..

Migraine and Headache Clinic

Care in this clinic starts with complete evaluation and management of patients with daily headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, neck, head and face pain..

Botox Clinic

Care in Botox therapy is offered through well- trained neurologists for migraine headache, post-stroke spasticity, or stiffness and cramping or pain...